Director of Programs & Campaigns

Oxfam Novib
Organisatie Oxfam Novib
Datum 17 feb 2017
Vervaldatum 12 mar 2017
Aantal uren 36
Plaats Den Haag

We, Oxfam Novib, are a worldwide movement of people defeating poverty together. We are over 10 million fishermen, farmers, teachers, donors, supporters, entrepreneurs, researchers, emergency aid coordinators, program officers, campaigners and many more. Poverty is unacceptable to us, and we know that poverty is unnecessary. Poverty is caused by people, and it can be resolved by people. In the last 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved – together, we can eliminate poverty for good.

The organization’s method of financing has been fundamentally altered in recent years. Whereas previously a fixed income stream was guaranteed, this has changed, partly as a result of changes to government policy, into project-based financing. Grants are now awarded based on demonstrable quality and results. Requirements have become more complex, both those of private donors and those of institutional and international donors. We are also currently integrating our international programs with our sister organizations worldwide. Closer collaboration within Oxfam International demands specialization and an international division of tasks. Under the new structure, the former campaign department has been divided into integral work units which design and carry out programs and campaigns. There is a department closely linked to this which offers support to programs and evaluates their impact.

The Director of Programs and Campaigns is a member of the Board of Oxfam Novib. The Board is primarily responsible for the realization of our statutory aims, and takes all decisions necessary to achieve that. In addition to the Director of Programs and Campaigns, the Board is made up of the General Director and the Director of Operational Management. The Board is the Board of Directors in statute of the Oxfam Novib foundation. We have recently implemented important organizational changes.

We strive to excel as a project organization. A lot more project-level work will be carried out on the basis of thematic units. As well as further expanding the project organization, the role of the new director will include two additional areas for attention: first, the maintenance and further expansion of relationships with our institutional donors and other relevant stakeholders; second, the further substantive development of the programs we carry out in the countries where we work, including the development and implementation of international campaigns.

Duties of the Board
The Board’s primary responsibility is to run the organization. That means:

  • Providing direction through the development of strategy and policy, based on our mission, both in our own organization and in Oxfam International;
  • Implementing the established multi-year policy;
  • Procuring the necessary resources;
  • Spending and managing those resources in line with the aim and the mission of our organization;
  • Ensuring that the work organization functions properly;
  • Liaising with stakeholders and providing them with information about our mission and aims;
  • Contributing to the running of Oxfam International and to appropriate cooperation at an international level.

Duties of the Director of Programs and Campaigns In addition to the shared responsibility for the entirety of the Board’s duties, the Director of Programs and Campaigns is also responsible for his/her own portfolio. That portfolio consists of running Thematic Units and taking responsibility for the inception, development, implementation and monitoring & evaluation of programs and campaigns, both in The Hague and in the countries where we work. Another important duty is running the Program Support and Impact unit, which is responsible for strengthening the capacity and measuring the impact of national offices and supporting local partner organizations. As the Director responsible for substantive programs and campaigns, he/she is responsible for fundraising and maintaining relationships with (international) institutional donors.

Functie-eisen en profiel

  • Above all, you will support the mission and aims of Oxfam Novib.
  • You follow developments in the area of development cooperation and have knowledge of global developments and attitudes. You can also demonstrate knowledge and experience of our themes, including food security, the financial sector, climate change, economic inequality and gender. This also concerns the development and implementation of (sensitive) campaigns which focus on influencing social and political discussions and mobilizing citizens and consumers.
  • You have a relevant academic qualification and at least 10 years’ experience in an executive position, or a position at a comparable level, in a complex, international (development) organization.
  • You have extensive experience in establishing, maintaining and expanding donor relationships and can bring a demonstrably relevant political, administrative and donor network to the post. You also have extensive experience in business development/ institutional fundraising.
  • You have won your spurs in setting up and working in organizations whose primary process consists of working in projects and programs. You are familiar with the systems, processes and structures of professional project-based work. In particular, you have experience of working in a results-oriented, decisive and flexible organizational culture, with an eye for a high level of quality and project discipline and a focus on accountability.
  • You possess excellent, coaching-based leadership qualities. As the Director, you are regarded as a People Manager who makes connections and can include people in changes (‘empowerment’ and ‘inclusiveness’). You are also comfortable working with colleagues at a distance, in the countries where we work and in other Oxfam organizations, taking gender and intercultural sensitivity into consideration.
  • You are a well-rounded, strategic and business-minded manager, which you can demonstrate through your several years of experience. You speak good Dutch and English and, ideally, also French. In the role of Board member, as a Director you are expected to be a constructive colleague and to contribute to the ethos and management of the organization as a whole.
  • You have the competences established in the competence profiles used by Oxfam Novib: a results oriented approach, cooperation, negotiation, creativity, decision-making skills, and vision.

Ons aanbod

  • The salary is based on the remuneration policy for the Board and meets the conditions of the Dutch Remuneration Code for Charity Boards. It is made up of a monthly salary and a comprehensive secondary benefits package.
  • The Director of Programs and Campaigns is appointed by the Supervisory Board for a period of four years, and may be reappointed twice.

Informeren en solliciteren
Please send your letter of application, together with your CV, before March 12, 2017 to, f.a.o. Ms Hester Sneper, HR Director. State in the subject line that your email relates to the vacancy for Director of Programs & Campaigns. If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact Ms Hester Sneper by telephone on 070 342 1711.

Please direct any questions about the position itself to the General Director/ Chair of the Board of Directors, Ms Farah Karimi, on 070 342 1645. The appointments committee advises the Supervisory Board and seeks the advice of the Works Council. The entire Supervisory Board will appoint the new Director of Programs and Campaigns. An assessment and reference check may form part of the procedure.

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