Leprosy Research Initiative is looking for consultants for the external evaluation 2019-2023

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Do you want to make an impact for people who need it most?

Founded in 2013, the Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI) represents a unique model of collaboration and coordination with the aim of promoting, facilitating and funding impactful leprosy research. Several international NGOs committed to combatting leprosy have pooled financial resources in a joint research fund under one policy. The LRI is managed by the Director of NLR.

Working for LRI means working towards a world without leprosy. A world in which leprosy no longer causes victims with serious physical and psychological consequences. Research is of great importance for pursuing a world without leprosy as a concrete and realistic goal.

The joint fund finances research on leprosy and cross-cutting issues. Since its inception, LRI has supported over 80 projects in 25+ countries, including 40 projects currently ongoing. In 2018, a research priority setting assessment was carried out, identifying five priorities which LRI focuses on: diagnostic tests, disability, operational research, stigma & discrimination, and transmission. In addition to the selection and funding of research projects, LRI organises capacity strengthening activities and an annual scientific conference. Furthermore, dissemination of research findings and impact are supported and monitored.


The LRI’s joint policy states that an external evaluation will be carried out every 5 years to assess relevance and quality of processes and projects. The first external evaluation of LRI, finalised in early 2019, reviewed the period 2014-2018. The second evaluation will include the years 2019-2023. Therefore we are looking for Consultants to:

  1. Evaluate the partnerships model and funding base
  2. Assess the functioning of the proposal selection cycle
  3. Identify the impact of capacity strengthening activities


The evaluation team will preferably start in September 2024. A draft report will be expected at the end of January 2025 and presented to the Secretariat and Executives Group. The final report will due end of February.

Functie-eisen en profiel

Evaluation team

This evaluation will be carried out by a multi-disciplinary, diverse, international, small team of consultants working remotely.

The following areas of expertise and experience must be present in the team, reflecting the scope of the evaluation:

  • Leprosy research
  • Research funding
  • Mixed methods process evaluation
  • Partnership models and fundraising
  • Learning and capacity strengthening
  • Report writing

The main output will be an evaluation report. This document will summarise the findings of the evaluation team, present their interpretation and give recommendations for future strategy and action.

Ons aanbod

We offer

  • Consultancy assignments for 6 months, approximately 30 days in total for the team.
  • An exciting opportunity to provide recommendations to a unique and ambitious international joint venture.
  • A good working atmosphere with highly motivated colleagues, dedicated to zero leprosy.

Informeren en solliciteren


Interested candidates are invited to submit an individual or team application including their motivation, suggested approach, planning and renumeration no later than 28 July 2024 by email to info@leprosyresearch.org. Interviews will take place the week of 5 August.

For more information contact Suzan Trienekens, LRI Coordinator, at the above email address.

A full Terms of Reference is available on request.