National Coordinator Student Groups (Volunteer position)

Amnesty International
Organisatie Amnesty International
Datum 14 jun 2018
Vervaldatum 30 jun 2018
Aantal uren 8 -10 hours a month
Plaats Amsterdam

Amnesty International the Netherlands (AINL) has around ten active, creative and dynamic student groups. Amnesty students take part in actions, organise debates, movie nights and practice human rights education. Each academic year, however, most board members (and part of the member base) are replaced by new ones as students tend to travel around. Of course, this process keeps student groups fresh and new, but at the same time this dynamic creates a challenge to preserve continuity and to not lose any required knowledge and useful experience. The National Student Group Coordinators help student groups face this challenge by helping to smoothen the transition between old and new board, act as a travel guide for the complex organisation that is Amnesty International and facilitate sharing of lessons learned, experiences and information between student groups and the Secretariat of AINL.

Last but not least, as a National Student Group Coordinator, you get picked first for the Morocco Summer Camp programme that takes place in the first week of September 2018 (exact dates still to be confirmed). This week-long youth activism camp will take place in Morocco; travel and stay will be covered by Amnesty. As two of our three Student Group Coordinators are moving on to continue their studies elsewhere, we are looking for two students to fill their shoes. Are you a great communicator and organiser with student group experience and knowledge on the workings of the AINL Secretariat and are eager to help student groups with their important work, then please apply for this position!


  • Serve as a liaison between the different student groups and student groups and the Secretariat.
  • Help smoothen (digital) communication between student groups.
  • Answer questions or refer student groups to the right expert within AINL.
  • Organise, host and chair Contact Persons Meetings (2x a year minimum).
  • Help organise Student Group Board Member Meetings (1x a year a start of the academic year).
  • Help organise and be present at National Student Days.
  • Report back about meetings to groups and Secretariat.
  • Keep contact information for student groups up to date.
  • Help revise Student Group Manual.

Functie-eisen en profiel
We are looking for enthusiastic student group members to apply for this position who

  • Preferably, have been a Board Member of a student group
  • Preferably, have participated in a previous Board Member Day
  • Are excellent networkers
  • Are excellent communicators
  • Are excellent organisers
  • Have basic understanding on the workings of Amnesty International the Netherlands and student groups
  • Are available for at least a year
  • We are particularly looking for candidates with a bicultural identity.

Ons aanbod

  • A great working environment
  • A basic training programme on AINL as an organisation
  • A way to gain experience which could benefit you in your further career
  • A useful and instructive function in a pleasant working atmosphere, where you are present at the Amnesty office in Amsterdam. You get a mentor who guides you through your activities and development. All arrangements for volunteers are laid down in the Volunteer handbook for the National Secretariat, such as travel allowance, WA / Accident insurance, and a free lunch.

Informeren en solliciteren
Are you interested in applying for the job and are you committed for at least one year, please contact Juke Fluitsma, Officer of Human Rights Education AINL, 020-7733566. You can send your cv and letter of application before 1 July 2018 by using the response form on the website of Amnesty. 

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